Hey readers! <3 Here are some more photos from when it wasn’t pouring with rain all day.. The shoes are from Steve Madden, the bag from Loavies, the skirt from Zara and top from H&M. Even though these heels look fierce as hell, there is a reason why they are called killer heels… these are really a torture device hehe. But that still won’t stop me from wearing them all day every day ;p Now i need to go get ready for a party tonight. Luckily, i’m not still hungover from last night… haha fml. Have a great evening <3

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    Hey babes! I’ve been so busy the last couple of days that i haven’t had time to make photos with my new camera yet. So here are some photos from last summer when i was soaking up vitamin D (: Right now we’re watching the Netflix series You, for the second time already hehe. The show is my new addiction haha, it’s so creepy and interesting ;p I love a good twisty psychological chiller that plays with perceptions of who the heroes and villains are. And maybe one of the reasons why i like it so much, is because i’m a big fan of the main character: Penn Badgley. let’s just say that an obsessive stalker has never looked more attractive haha. Now it’s time to go to bed. Good night <3

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    Hey loves! Hope you had an amazing new years eve as well. 2018 was a great year and ended really good <3 but 2019 will be even better! I have already planned many exciting things for this year. Yesterday i booked a ticket to Miami Beach where i will be spending this summer with EF Education First. I really can’t wait for this adventure. This is a great way to improve my English and to meet new people. I love getting to know people from different countries with different cultures. And i’m craving for some hot summer days at the beach hehe. Especially when i found these photos on my laptop. These were taken last summer in Alanya, Turkey. The swimsuit is from Loavies btw. I really want to go back there one day since the sea, weather and people were so great! But first i need to survive this cold and grey weather in The Netherlands haha. Have a great evening, love <3

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    I’M BACK

    Hi readers <3 My website is finally online again, woohoo! Due to an internal error it was crashed and everything was deleted. But now i’m back and i bought myself a new camera: The Nikon D810. I’m a sucker for way too expensive cameras with a million megapixels hehe. I’m still learning new tricks and techniques to improve my camera skills with this amazing camera. And I can’t wait to make photos with it outside when the weather gets better (: Now i’m going to the movies. We are going to watch Robinhood. I heard great things about it! Hugs <3